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Revisiting a B&A {Crazy Yard Redo}

Saturday, July 14, 2012
I've been itching to start work on our new house.  However...I am making myself have a bit of restraint.  No fun house projects until my new website is up and running...and I've got the biz all set up here in Minot.

Only about another week.

Meanwhile Derek has discovered that we have a little re-roofing to do.

So while I chip away at my pre-fixing-the-house to do list...I've been reminiscing about our other homes and the amazing b&a's we've seen.  I wanted to revisit my all time favorite with you tonight.

Our house in Enid, OK was a hot mess when we moved in.  We spent {wait for it}...a grand total of $0 on this make over.  All it took was many hours of sweat and tears and a few scares from spiders.  Oh yeah, and a lot of lemonade.


I know it's hot...but what b&a can you make on your home?  I bet there is some small way you can give your house a pick-me-up without spending a dime.



  1. I am in love with your landscaping on your front lawn, the red rocks leading up to the door is extremely attractive. I'm a home freak

    -Adam Ahmed

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