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Saying Goodbye to Trudy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Yesterday I lost someone very dear to me.

Her name was Trudy and I knew her her whole life.

She came to live with my family in 2001, shortly before my sister's senior prom...the year we had a foreign exchange student living with us...the year our high school performed "Anything Goes." 

It breaks my heart that I couldn't be there when she breathed her last.

Trudy was our family dog.

When she came home with us my cousin Erik was a tiny kid.  Maybe 3 or 4.  He used to call her "Baby Good Dog."  It's a nick-name that stuck.  From her puppy days to the days she spent slow and grey, she remained our Baby-Good-Dog. 

Originally we thought about breeding her...but she ate a soccer ball and had to have surgery on the belly to have it removed.  It rendered her puppy-less.  But she grew up to be the most mothering animal I've ever met.  We'd have to fight her to come out of the chicken coop, where she looked on the chicks as her babies.  She was gentle to our cats and wonderful with kids.  Really, she thought anything smaller than her was her baby.

oops!  She played a little too rough with this baby bunny.  She felt so guilty.
Once when I was baking cookies I left two sticks of butter on the counter.  When I came back 10 minutes later the butter was gone.  The wrappers were untorn, licked clean and stuck to the floor.

She was a pretty rotten jogging partner.  Her best friend in the world was Molly, the dog next door.

Trudy frustrated my dad to no end when it came to training.  She would get tired in the hunting field and just lay down--half way to the bird. 

I used to paint her toe nails before a big hunting trip.  Daddy hated it...but Trudy didn't seem to mind.

She would budge you out if you tried to lay in front of the fire.  She'd rather lay there until her head was so hot you couldn't stand to pet her. 

These are the memories and moments that make up the life of a pet.  The good things.  The naughty things.  In the end all the headaches and naughtiness don't really seem all that bad in hindsight.  All of those moments, just add up to form a clear picture of a dear member of the family.

She loved riding in the Jeep.  Sometimes, just opening the door was all the invitation she needed to jump in and "Kennel-Up."  I think she liked it because it smelled like Daddy and hunting and work.  And most of the time it meant she was going hunting.

I guess it's appropriate that her last moments were spent in the Jeep.  Dad and Sis helped her up {her legs just couldn't make the jump any more} and took her on one last drive.  A drive that ended in rest and relaxation and the end her pain.

Here's to Trudy.  One heck of a dog.


  1. Amanda said...:

    This is a beautiful post. It sums up all the good and the bad of pets that make them their own kind of wonderful.

  1. What a beautiful post, Amy! Makes me teary eyed!

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